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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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76                                                                 TAI GROUP.

yerl) is not imperative, whereas in Ehamtl (which at the present day stands isolated
amid a sea of Tibeto-Burman languages) the order is as ifr them, subject, ob]ect} verb.
The order of words in an Ahooi sentence will be discussed when dealing with that
language. In all the languages, one rale is almost universal, that is, the position of
tiie adjective after the woi'd it qualifies and of the genitive after the word which
governs it.

It may be pointed out that the typical Tai order of words— that given above for
Siamese— is the same as that of Khassis but is altogether opposed to the genius of Tibeto-
Burman languages.


A..— On the Tai languages generally.

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B. — On

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